Experts in advanced log structures

Pellopuu is a supplier of top-quality, versatile and advanced log structures. We use ecologically responsible, tight-grained northern timber and process it into top-quality laminated logs, producing some of the most advanced structural solutions in the industry.



Our log solutions

Clean and sustainable

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Our environmentally certified and top-quality timber grows in the harsh conditions of the north, making it tight-grained and more solid than other types of trees.

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Our products

Our comprehensive range of log structures is based on the best construction engineering solutions in the industry to cater for all construction needs.

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The environment

Using responsibly produced timber for construction preserves natural resources and slows down climate change.

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For construction professionals

We provide construction professionals with versatile and modern log solutions for all construction needs. The high-quality design of our log structures helps make construction projects efficient and smooth. Our products are prefabricated in dry and controlled conditions, ensuring a better and more reliable quality of work.


For professional builders

The new era of log construction is here

The extra-high and non-settling Pellopuu GIANTLOG™ allows for unprecedented ways of building. 

We can deliver customized log solutions according to customer's requirements.


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Pellopuu tuote Jättihirsi


The extra-high GIANTLOG is a log solution that will settle as little as a timber-frame house. The new non-settling structure allows for unprecedented ways of building. 

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Laminated logs

We produce laminated logs, with a modern or traditional profile, in a range of sizes. Material options include the traditional pine and the lighter and more modern-looking spruce.

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Pellopuu Special Solutions

Special log solutions

Advanced log solutions for especially demanding and large projects. Our unique range of machinery has made us the supplier of Finland's largest log structures.

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A responsible and modern expert

Pellopuu Oy is a log-construction expert that actively develops new innovations and production solutions and has 70 years of experience in log construction, with traditional skills and know-how dating back to more than 100 years ago. We are deep-rooted, since the first sawmill was established at our location back in 1900, and the current company was entered in the Trade Register in 1952.

We are a well-established Finnish family business that is known as a reliable and service-oriented supplier you can trust. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality log solutions for everyone, from people looking for a new home to those running large-scale construction projects. Our products are a reliable choice that help make projects run more smoothly.


Trusted log-construction expert