Breathable log structures

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Better quality of life

The naturally insulating and breathable log has many advantages over other materials. Living in a durable log house is comfortable, as the building breathes and finds a natural balance with heat and moisture. Our advanced structures bring out the best in timber in the best possible way.

Our innovation,  the extra high and non-settling  JÄTTIHIRSITM is one of the most advanced structures in the industry. It creates a sleek, elegant wall surface and is genuinely non-settling, as it minimises the number of joints required. 

Our raw materials are 100% premium quality. Timber from the north is the ideal material for log construction. The trees grow in harsh conditions, making them tight-grained and more solid than other types of trees. Slower growth also means that the proportion of the solid, striking heartwood is larger.

Our high-quality log structures will be passed on from generation to generation, they are recyclable, and they generate savings in terms of both construction and lifecycle costs.

Our quality systems and rigorous quality assurance processes enable us to guarantee reliable deliveries. They are based on external quality assessment, the services of our own quality assurance laboratory, and the standardised stress grading of the raw material. We use an ISO 9001:2015 quality system, and our products are CE marked and PEFC certified. Read more about the quality of our products


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