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Pellopuu jättihirsi profiili Pellopuu jättihirsi profiili pystykuva

Reliable supplier for construction projects

Pellopuu provides professional builders with modern log solutions for all construction needs reliably and with a focus on the customer. We have extensive experience spanning over several decades in various large-scale construction projects, sites and requirements.

Thanks to our unique range of machinery, we are able to produce Finland’s largest, custom-built log elements for public buildings, schools, day care centres, nursing homes, row houses, and other especially demanding projects.

Our innovation, the extra-high GIANTLOG™, allows for unprecedented ways of building, especially in large-scale construction projects, as it will settle as little as timber frame built structures. The non-settling feature also means that it is compatible with other materials, such as concrete, stone, glass or other wood structures. The solidity of the GIANTLOG™ also creates opportunities for designing spacious structures without the need for separate beam solutions. Read more at

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A school built with logs – learn about the project!

When the City of Iisalmi decided to build a new school, Kauppis-Heikki, they wanted the building to be welcoming and healthy in terms of indoor air quality. That is why they chose to use logs from Pellopuu.


Profiled log products for industrial builders

We supply our industrial customers with high-quality, fully-planed laminated logs and un-planed preforms for laminated logs made with certified premium-quality pine and spruce from the north. Standard dimensions from 88mm x 160mm up to 275mm x 275mm.

Pellopuu is known as a reliable, flexible and service-oriented supplier for industrial log builders in Finland and Europe.

Our accurately measured log products are based on the best structural solutions in the industry, making our products a reliable choice for smooth production processes.

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