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Pellopuu luontokuva metsämaisema Pellopuu luontokuva metsämaisema pystykuva

A pioneer with roots


Pellopuu Oy is a log-construction expert that develops new innovations and has 60 years of experience in log construction, with traditional skills and knowhow dating back to more than 100 years ago. We are deep-rooted, since the first sawmill was established at our location back in 1900, and the current company was entered in the Trade Register in 1952.

We are a well-established Finnish family business that is known as a reliable and service-oriented supplier you can trust. We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality log solutions for everyone, from people looking for a new home to those running large-scale construction projects. Our production is based on the best structural solutions in the industry, making our products a reliable choice that will make projects run smoothly.

Our unique range of machinery makes us the supplier of the largest log structures in Finland for especially demanding and large-scale construction projects. Our innovation, the extra-high and non-settling GIANTLOGTM, is an innovative design that takes log construction to new heights. 

Our raw materials are premium quality. Timber from the north is the ideal material for log construction. The trees grow in harsh conditions, making them tight-grained and more solid than other types of trees. Slower growth also means that the proportion of the solid, striking heartwood is larger.

Our production is environmentally and socially responsible, meeting the requirements of the PEFC 2002:2013 certification regarding the chain of custody of timber, and giving us the right to use the PEFC label. Using responsibly produced timber for construction preserves natural resources and slows down climate change. Read more about responsible raw materials

Our quality systems and rigorous quality assurance processes enable us to guarantee reliable deliveries. They are based on external quality assessment, the services of our own quality assurance laboratory, and the standardised stress grading of the raw material. We use an ISO 9001:2015 quality system, and our products are CE marked and PEFC certified. Read more about the quality of our production

Our high-quality log structures will be passed on from generation to generation, they are recyclable, and they generate savings in terms of both construction and lifecycle costs.

Modern log expert from the north

The Pellopuu factory and head office stand on the banks of the free-flowing River Tornionjoki, in the beautiful village of Turtola in Pello. We cooperate actively with the municipality of Pello and with local companies, business associations and educational institutions. Each year, the company has international student trainees from different educational institutions. We are part of the Hanki Capital Oy Group.

Pellopuu Oy was registered in the Trade Register on 7 November 1952 (number 127.567) 

Our trademark Lapin punahonka, number (111) 226036, was registered on 13 December 2002

VAT: FI01936919
Bank: Danske Bank
IBAN: FI12 8189 9710 0606 63


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