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Premium log products produced ecologically

The excellent quality of the Pellopuu products is based on continuous and comprehensive quality monitoring, as well as our quality system that complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. DQS Finland Oy is responsible for the external monitoring of our quality system. Our production processes comply with Standard SFS-5973 regarding solid and laminated logs used in buildings. Our products are CE marked and PEFC certified, and they comply with the requirements of the European Timber Structures Standards EN 14080:2013 and EN 14081-1:2011.

We ensure the quality of the products using carefully calibrated testing equipment in our own laboratory, where we conduct the required delamination tests on product batches prior to delivery, as well as bending tests on the finger-jointing. Visual stress grading of our raw materials is carried out by INSTA 142 certified specialists. In addition, an external evaluator performs quality monitoring at regular intervals. 

Ecology is the starting point for all sustainable development. Using responsibly produced timber for construction preserves natural resources and slows down climate change. Our production is environmentally and socially responsible, meeting the requirements of the PEFC 2002:2013 certification regarding the chain of custody of timber, as indicated by the PEFC label on our products.