Laminated logs

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A laminated profile that avoids warping and resists cracking

We provide ready-to-assemble, pre-profiled standard-size laminated logs for load-bearing structures. Laminated logs consist of two or more planks that are finger-jointed before gluing. The solid, striking heartwood is placed so that it forms the surface of the log. 

Due to its solidity, laminated timber is extremely fire-resistant, even with a longer span. We carry out the visual stress grading of laminated logs when they are dry, before finger-jointing. For lamination, we use an internationally certified, weatherproof and breathable PUR polyurethane glue that is formaldehyde-free.

Our production processes comply with Standard SFS-5973 regarding solid and laminated logs used in buildings. Our products comply with the requirements of the European Timber Structures Standards EN 14080:2013 and EN 14081-1:2011.

Standard sizes of profiled laminated logs

Width (mm) Height (mm) Material
88 180 Spruce or pine
114 180 Spruce or pine
134 180 Spruce or pine
134 208 Pine
180 208 Pine
202 208 Pine
240 208 Pine
270 208 Pine
134 234 Spruce
180 234 Spruce
202 234 Spruce
240 234 Spruce
270 234 Spruce


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