Ecological responsibility

Pellopuu forest landscape Pellopuu forest landscape

Pellopuu logs are an ecological choice

Log construction has a positive carbon handprint. When you fell a fully-grown tree in well-managed forest to produce logs, the carbon stored in the log remains bound in the log throughout the log’s entire life cycle. At the same time, young, growing trees make sure that the managed forest is an efficient carbon sink.

Using responsibly produced timber for construction preserves natural resources and slows down climate change. Production at Pellopuu is environmentally and socially responsible, meeting the requirements of the PEFC 2002:2013 certification regarding the chain of custody of timber, as indicated by the PEFC label on our products. Log structures from Pellopuu are a responsible choice for prefabricated houses as well as construction projects.

Investing in solar energy 

We are building a large solar power plant for our factory area. The plant should be completed in spring 2020. With its 1,150 solar panels, the new power plant will provide almost 20% of the energy required annually at Pellopuu.

Ecology is just one reason for choosing Pellopuu.

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