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Our modern log structures allow you to design and build better, more comfortable and ecological environments for living and working. For designers, logs are a modern and long-lasting material for building the detached houses, ecological apartment buildings, large industrial sites and sleek public buildings that people dream of.


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Modern construction

A contemporary log element can look traditional or modern, depending on the wishes of the customer. The corners of the building can be built with sleek mitre joints, dense dovetailed notch joints, or traditional, overhang corners. The natural insulation and breathability of the log structure provides the frame of the building and the interior and exterior surfaces in one package.  


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Better and more comfortable

The log structure has many advantages when compared to other materials. Living in a durable log house is comfortable, as the building breathes and finds a natural balance with heat and moisture. Our advanced structures bring out the best in timber.



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Our log homes

What kind of a log home would you like to build? The modern Pellopuu homes provide better living in urban and rural settings. Build a comfortable and ecological house that you can pass on to future generations. Our structures are the most advanced in the industry – made with top-quality sustainable timber from the north. 

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