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Traditional or modern – the choice is yours!

Our log solutions represent the industry's most advanced structural engineering. Our innovation, the extra-high and non-settling GIANTLOGTM, is unique in the world, the log structure is ultra-durable, modern and ecological.

Despite the advanced technological solutions, the end result can look traditional or modern, depending on the wishes of the customer. The corners of the building can be built with modern mitre joints, sleek dovetailed notch joints, or traditional, overhang corners.

Is your dream home traditional or modern? See below for structures, corner solutions and delivery options. Contact us for more information or request a quotation!

Structural solutions

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Extra-high and non-settling GIANTLOG

The extra-high GIANTLOG™ is a log solution that will settle as little as a house built on a timber frame. The new non-settling structure allows for unprecedented ways of building. Elements with a height of 360 mm minimise the number of joints required and create a smooth and sleek wall surface.

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Pellopuu tuote lamellihirsi

Laminated logs that will not warp or crack

We produce laminated logs, with a modern or traditional profile, in a range of sizes. Material options include the traditional pine and the lighter and more modern spruce. Laminated logs consist of two or more planks that are finger-jointed before gluing.

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Pellopuu tuote erikoisratkaisut

Special solutions for demanding and large projects

We offer advanced log solutions for a wide variety of demanding and large projects, including public buildings, such as schools, day care centres and nursing homes, as well as other projects that are demanding in different ways. Our unique range of machinery has made us the supplier of the largest log structures in Finland.

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Corner solutions

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Extended corner

The traditional log corner with overhang log jointing is an all-time favourite corner solution. This type of corner is also known as an overhang corner or boxed lap notch, and it is, historically, the most commonly used corner solution in Finland.

Pellopuu jiirinurkka

Mitre corner joint

The sleek mitre corner joint was developed for urban construction in particular. Also sometimes known as the city corner, this solution means that the corners are built without the extended overhang. This increases the number of alternatives in areas with more stringent planning restrictions.

Pellopuu lohenpyrstönurkka

Dovetailed notch joint

The overlapping, flush dovetailed corner notch is modern way of highlighting the characteristics of the log, representing a similar modern and elegant design as the mitre corner joint. Thanks to its sleek design, the dovetailed notch is also popular in partition walls.

Pellopuu moderni profiili

Modern profile

The modern profile creates a contemporary, minimalist look. Narrow joints create a harmonious and smooth wall surface.


Pellopuu perinteinen profiili

Traditional profile

The traditional profile gives the wall a typical log look with the V-shaped overlaps.

Delivery options

Pellopuu rakenteiden pakettitoimitus

Package delivery of the structures

Package delivery is a cost-effective solution for DIY builders. Installing the precisely measured log products from Pellopuu is easy, just follow the instructions. We will deliver the structures to the site as agreed. After that, you can start assembling the log frame.

Pellopuu säältä suojaan asennettuna

Installed to weather-proof stage

Choosing installation to weather-proof stage is a great way to get your project under way. When you choose our installation package, our retailer takes care of installing the load-bearing structures and the roof. Once the frame of the building is correctly installed, continuing the construction work is easy both indoors and outdoors.

What kind of a log home would you like to build?

We supply the most advanced structural solutions for your home – solutions refined using the solid, best-quality timber from the north. Contact us for more information and request a quotation!

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