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We manufacture glue laminated products, log billets, laminated logs, massive logs and log houses.

The majority of our products are exported directly or through our customers.
We sell glue laminated timber, log billets and finished logs for industry and log frames and equipped houses for our customers.

The materials that we use are arctic Northern timber: pine and spruce. A timber that has grown in the harsh arctic circumstances is very tight-grained, its cracking or movements are minor. Pine will get a beautiful, reddish tone in the course of time. The material we use is arctic Northern timber.

We use the ISO 9001:2008 quality system. Our products are PEFC certified. Also our house production of glued laminated logs and massive logs is certified.

The unique material, modern production, the knowledge of our staff and the long tradition in the refining of the Nordic timber and log construction are the cornerstones of our operation.


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New Product Brochure

"We live here by the bank of the Tornionjoki River which is so dear to us.

This beautiful, freely flowing river is where the salmon likes to swim upstream to lay their eggs. This is the also the place for manufacturing the Pellopuu’s
genuine log houses of Lapland’s tight-grained red-hearted pine.

Because our trees here in the arctic grow so slowly, they become tight-grained and that is why the share of the heartwood is so large.

And that is why they have the red tone."

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