Our products are manufactured energy-efficiently and environmental-friendly

1) Quality grading

The timber delivered to the factory is dried to the moisture content of 16% +/- 2%. The planks are visually divided into three grades: A, B and C.
Planks of the class A will become visible surfaces of logs and glued timber products. From the class B, major faults are removed, but smaller ones are permitted because the planks remain invisible. C class planks are completely diverted from production.

The strength sorting we perform as visual sorting, the persons performing the sorting have got the INSTA 142 LT sorting certificate valid for the sorting class.

2) Finger-jointing

The logs are sorted as planks. The joints in the log will be positioned at different points and the product will be stronger. On visible surfaces, the butt joint is used; so the visible seam is always straight even after the planing.

In finger-joints, the KIIILTO single component polyurethane glue is used.

3) Lamination and planing
Automated humidifiers and heat control ensure that the production conditions are acceptable for glueing. At first, 12 metre finger-jointed planks are allowed to heat balance in the production hall during all seasons of the year.
Then, the laminates will be planed to lamellas, and run through the glueing device. As a glue, the Burbond adhesive is used. After the glue batch is full, the log board is transferred to the press. The duration of the pressing depends on the moisture and the temperature of the timber. After the compression time, the log batch is transferred to the storage section for post-curing. If necessary, the blanks are planed to finished log profile.

4) Quality control

When manufacturing strength-graded products, the work is performed by a person with an approved strength rating certificate. Test pieces are taken from finger-jointed lamellas and tested according to En 408 standard. From the finished products, a cross-section is taken for testing according to the En 391 Method B test. We perform the tests with approved test equipment at the factory.

Finotrol Oy acts as an external supervisor for quality control.

5) Packaging
Finished log blanks, logs and products will be wrapped into white plastic film. Lifting points of the planed products will be protected with hard boards.


Our products are manufactured energy efficiently, saving the environment. In addition to improving efficiency, the latest investments aim to save energy and waste.

Raw material not suitable for the production of logs is processed through the bandsaw line to shank timber, packaging products, etc. Sawdust is used to heat factories or sold to pellet producers and farmers. Small sticks are sold to nearby residents as firewood or crushed and used to heat the factory’s production halls and the future biomass two-chamber drying boiler used in the heat balancing mode.